Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wait, what? A breastfeeding doll?

My husband forwarded me this article by Tessa Blake, Breastfeeding – Our Country's Lactation Intolerance which talks about a new breastfeeding doll, "Breast Milk Baby," that has been selling in Europe and just a month ago, made it's way to the U.S....along with all the controversy. Some people have accused the doll of "sexualizing" children. It sounds like it's part of the on-going debate on women's breasts and how they have been made to be sexual objects by modern society (i.e. men) when ultimately they were created for feeding our babies. But why would anything about a little girl be sexual?? That being said though, and me being a pro-breastfeeding, lactivist mommy, I have to admit that I find this doll, rather, strange. I'm on the fence with this one. It may be part of my overall belief that some toys and accessories out there try to make children grow up too fast. But at the same time, children mimic what their parents do anyway, it's part of learning and developing into grown-up, full-functioning adults. Oh, incidentally, did you know that Barbie was supposedly modeled after a German cartoon prostitute? Who knew.

I do have to say though, that I find it great how there is a whole new, world-wide movement to promote and encourage breastfeeding, and sort of "take back" our breasts and use them for what they were intended to be. Without the shame, without the embarrassment, without the inconvenience, and without being fired from our job. I see a bright future ahead for breastfeeding mamas who will run the world with their Chichi Power! And I do like Tessa's final thought: "I'm all for breasts as a secondary sexual object as long as we don't forget their primary purpose. Or, here's a novel idea: Why can't they be both?"


  1. I agree these dolls are weird and I don't know that I'd ever purchase one for a little girl. I'm a new follower please check out my blog. http://www.kristy-s-place.blogspot.com/

  2. Follower from - bloggy moms.

    Also, on this note. When the news about this note came up months ago I couldn't really think "why" the doll.

    I'm with you there, breastfeeding will be taught by example or at least some sort of education/exposure to the subject in a more organic way - visiting a new mother, for instance.

    I also have to disagree but since before formula powder were in the picture, men like breasts. Exposed breast arouse men or people that love looking at them. I can only imagine that's the reason behind the whole BS on their exposure.

    Now, "what would anything about a little girl be sexual?" you ask.. honey, we don't know. We only know there are so many predators out there that seem to think so. One thing for sure is, I'm not getting that stupid doll to my little girl.

    I hope that all the information that I know about breastfeeding and formula can be of a better good for her.

    Nice blog!